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Joy City Property Limited (HK 00207) (Joy City Property) is the flagship of the real estate business of the COFCO Group, mainly engaging in the development, management, sales, leasing and management of mixed-use complexes and commercial properties, such as shopping malls, hotels, offices, serviced apartments and resort and tourism property. 18 property projects have been developed in Beijing, Shanghai, Sanya, Chengdu, Nanchang, Suzhou and Hong Kong.

We believe in long term and sustainable development. Our brand centres on young, fashionable, trendy spirit and quality. We endeavour to become a leader in the industry of urban mixed-use complexes in the PRC..

Going forward, Joy City Property is committed to developing its properties in the PRC, bringing in urban lifestyle and enhancing urban development.

Message from chairman of board

In the spirit of professionalism, integrity, teamwork and innovation, following the trend of economic and social transformation in the PRC and satisfying the growing needs of consumers, we develop mixed-use complexes combining elements of commerce, residential estate, hotels, office and serviced apartments. We continue to develop our business in various PRC major cities in support of our regional strategic arrangement and strive for leading the mixed-use complexes industry in the future with Joy City as our flagship brand.

            Chairman YOU Wei

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